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Best Surrogacy Center in Dwarka: Making Parenthood Dreams Come True

Surrogacy has emerged as a viable option for individuals and couples who are unable to conceive naturally. For those seeking the best surrogacy center in Dwarka, Right Choice Fertility stands out as a beacon of hope. With its exceptional services, state-of-the-art facilities, and compassionate team, Right Choice Fertility has become a trusted destination for individuals embarking on their surrogacy journey. In this comprehensive article, we will explore why Right Choice Fertility is considered the best surrogacy center in Dwarka.

We would like to inform you that surrogacy in India is now regulated by the new surrogacy law (2022), which only allows altruistic Dwarka. Our clinic has been providing successful surrogacy services in Varanasi for several years and we offer a guaranteed surrogacy package with 100% assurance of a healthy baby.

The cost of surrogacy in Dwarka typically ranges from 16 to 20 lakh, and we offer a free consultation with our experienced doctor and lawyer to help you understand the surrogacy process and the legal aspects involved.

We understand that surrogacy is a complex and emotional journey, and our team at Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to intended parents throughout the process.

To learn more about our surrogacy services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at +91 8287411159 or email us at [email protected].

best surrogacy center in Dwarka
Best surrogacy center in Dwarka

What is Surrogacy cost in Dwarka ?

The cost of surrogacy in Dwarka can vary depending on several factors, which include the health center, the kind of surrogacy, scientific techniques involved, and further services. On average, the cost of surrogacy in Dwarka ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. It’s important to note that this estimate is a general range, and the final cost may differ based on individual circumstances.

Factors that influence the surrogacy cost in Dwarka include:

  1. Type of Surrogacy: There are two main types of surrogacy – traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is usually less expensive as it involves the surrogate using her own eggs. On the other hand, gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate carries an embryo created from the intended parents’ or donor’s egg and sperm, tends to be more expensive.
  2. Medical Procedures: Surrogacy involves several medical procedures, including fertility treatments, in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, and prenatal care. The cost of these procedures can significantly impact the overall surrogacy cost.
  3. Surrogate Compensation: The surrogate mother receives compensation for her time, effort, and the risks associated with the pregnancy. This compensation may include medical expenses, legal fees, and other related costs.
  4. Legal Considerations: Legal procedures, such as drafting surrogacy agreements, obtaining legal parentage rights, and addressing any legal issues, can add to the overall cost.

It is essential to consult with surrogacy clinics in Dwarka to get accurate and personalized cost estimates based on your specific requirements.

Here is a table outlining the approximate costs for surrogacy at our clinic, which may be subject to change based on individual circumstances:

Surrogacy ProcessSurrogacy Package
Surrogacy with own eggs & own spermsINR 18-20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs & own spermsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms & own eggsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with Donor EmbryoINR 18-20 lakh
Cost of Surrogate Mother
Cost of IVF & Embryo TransferUp to INR 4 lakh
Surrogate mother selection, blood test, surrogate mother preparation (cost)Up to INR 1 lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to INR 35,000
C-section delivery costUp to INR 1-2 lakhs
The surrogate mother stays and foodsUp to INR 2.5 lakhs
best surrogacy center in Dwarka
Best surrogacy center in Dwarka

Factors to Consider When Choosing Right Choice Fertility

Selecting the right surrogacy center is a critical step in your journey towards parenthood. It is essential to carefully evaluate and consider various factors to ensure you make an informed decision. When it comes to Right Choice Fertility, the best surrogacy center in Dwarka, there are specific key factors that you should take into account. Let’s explore these factors in detail:

  1. Reputation and Success Rate: Before choosing Right Choice Fertility, it is crucial to assess their reputation and success rate. Look for reviews, testimonials, and success stories from previous clients. A reputable surrogacy center will have a track record of successful outcomes and positive feedback from satisfied intended parents.
  2. Medical Expertise and Technology: Evaluate the medical expertise and technological advancements available at Right Choice Fertility. The center should have a team of experienced fertility specialists, embryologists, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in surrogacy. Additionally, ensure that the center utilizes advanced reproductive technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to maximize the chances of successful pregnancies.
  3. Legal Support and Compliance: Surrogacy involves legal complexities, and it is crucial to choose a center that provides comprehensive legal support. Right Choice Fertility should have a team of experienced legal professionals who can guide you through the legal aspects of surrogacy, including contracts, parental rights, and any local regulations. Ensure that the center operates in compliance with the legal requirements of the country or region.
  4. Transparency and Communication: Effective communication and transparency are vital throughout the surrogacy process. Right Choice Fertility should be transparent about their procedures, protocols, costs, and any potential risks involved. They should provide clear information on the selection and screening process for surrogates, as well as keep you updated on the progress and developments during the surrogacy journey.
  5. Emotional and Psychological Support: Embarking on a surrogacy journey can be emotionally challenging for intended parents. Right Choice Fertility should offer comprehensive emotional and psychological support services. This can include counseling sessions, support groups, and resources to help you navigate the emotional ups and downs, ensuring that you receive the necessary support at every stage.
  6. Personalized Care and Support: Choose a surrogacy center that values personalized care and individualized attention. Right Choice Fertility should take the time to understand your unique needs, preferences, and concerns, tailoring their approach accordingly. They should provide a supportive and compassionate environment throughout the entire surrogacy journey.
  7. Ethical Considerations: Ensure that Right Choice Fertility follows ethical practices and adheres to industry standards. They should prioritize the well-being and rights of the surrogate mothers and ensure fair compensation and healthcare for them. Additionally, the center should have a transparent and ethical approach to embryo creation, storage, and disposition.


Choosing the best surrogacy center in Dwarka is a crucial decision for individuals or couples seeking to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Right Choice Fertility, with its exceptional infrastructure, experienced team, comprehensive services, ethical practices, and emotional support, has established itself as the go-to destination for surrogacy in Dwarka. With Right Choice Fertility, the path to parenthood becomes smoother, more hopeful, and filled with possibilities.


1. What is the legal status of surrogacy in Dwarka?

The legal status of surrogacy may vary depending on the jurisdiction. It’s important to consult with a surrogacy center and legal professionals who are well-versed in the local laws and regulations regarding surrogacy in Dwarka.

2. How long does the surrogacy process typically take?

The duration of the surrogacy process can vary depending on various factors, including the availability of a suitable surrogate mother, legal procedures, and medical considerations. It’s important to discuss the estimated timeline with your surrogacy center.

3. Can same-sex couples pursue surrogacy in Dwarka?

Yes, same-sex couples can pursue surrogacy in Dwarka, provided they meet the necessary legal requirements and fulfill the criteria set by the surrogacy center.

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