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Surrogacy has emerged as a ray of wish for couples facing demanding situations in conceiving an infant obviously. With improvements in scientific technological know-how and the increasing reputation of alternative reproductive options, surrogacy has gained recognition global. Inside the colorful town of Bangalore, couples looking for the pleasure of parenthood can locate solace within the offerings supplied with the aid of the right choice Fertility . In this text, we are able to explore the surrogacy Cost in Bangalore and shed mild on why the right choice Fertility stands out as the correct vacation spot for pleasurable the dream of getting a toddler.

  • we would like to inform you that surrogacy in India is now regulated by the new surrogacy law (2022), which only allows altruistic Bangalore. Our clinic has been providing successful surrogacy services in Varanasi for several years and we offer a guaranteed surrogacy package with 100% assurance of a healthy baby.
  • The cost of surrogacy in Bangalore typically ranges from 16 to 20 lakh, and we offer a free consultation with our experienced doctor and lawyer to help you understand the surrogacy process and the legal aspects involved.
  • We understand that surrogacy is a complex and emotional journey, and our team at Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to intended parents throughout the process.
  • To learn more about our surrogacy services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at +91 9667213919 or email us at [email protected].

Understanding Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a procedure where a woman, called a surrogate, incorporates and can provide a baby on behalf of every other couple or man or woman. It involves diverse criminal, medical, and emotional considerations to ensure a easy and moral journey for all parties worried. Surrogacy may be a possible alternative for couples facing infertility due to diverse motives such as clinical situations, age-related factors, or genetic disorders.

What are the major factors affecting the total cost of surrogacy in Bangalore?

The cost of surrogacy in Bangalore can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Medical Procedures and Treatments: the type and quantity of medical approaches worried, along with fertility opinions, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, and any additional medical remedies, affect the general Cost.
  2. Surrogate Recruitment and Compensation: locating an appropriate surrogate and presenting appropriate compensation for her offerings, including scientific costs, pregnant-associated fees, and a base repayment package, considerably contribute to the general cost.
  3. Legal and Administrative Procedures: Surrogacy entails felony contracts, agreements, and administrative approaches that ensure the rights and obligations of all parties concerned. Prison fees, documentation, and court techniques upload to the overall value.
  4. IVF Procedure and Medications: The Cost of IVF approaches, which include ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, embryo introduction, and switch, in conjunction with the essential medications and laboratory charges, impact the entire costs.
  5. Pregnancy Care and Monitoring: The surrogate’s prenatal care, regular medical check-ups, ultrasound scans, routine tests, and potential medical interventions throughout the pregnancy contribute to the cost.
  6. Surrogate Insurance Coverage: Ensuring comprehensive health insurance coverage for the surrogate, including pregnancy-related medical expenses, is an essential aspect of the overall cost.
  7. Agency or Program Fees: If you choose to work with a surrogacy agency or program, their fees, which cover services such as surrogate screening, matching, counseling, and support, are an additional cost to consider.
  8. Miscellaneous Expenses: Other expenses that may arise during the surrogacy journey, such as travel and accommodation for the intended parents, the surrogate’s living expenses, legal representation, and unforeseen medical or non-medical costs, can impact the overall expenses.

Surrogacy Cost in Bangalore: An Investment in Parenthood

When considering surrogacy, one of the primary concerns for couples is the cost involved. The surrogacy cost in Bangalore can vary depending on several factors, including the type of surrogacy chosen. Typically, the cost ranges between Rs 16 to 20 lakhs, encompassing both self-egg and donor egg surrogacy options. It’s crucial to understand that this cost includes essential components such as surrogate delivery expenses, covering both normal delivery and cesarean section charges, if necessary.

Here is a table outlining the approximate costs for surrogacy at our clinic, which may be subject to change based on individual circumstances:

Surrogacy ProcessSurrogacy Package
Surrogacy with own eggs & own spermsINR 18-20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs & own spermsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms & own eggsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with Donor EmbryoINR 18-20 lakh
Cost of Surrogate Mother
Cost of IVF & Embryo TransferUp to INR 4 lakh
Surrogate mother selection, blood test, surrogate mother preparation (cost)Up to INR 1 lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to INR 35,000
C-section delivery costUp to INR 1-2 lakhs
The surrogate mother stays and foodsUp to INR 2.5 lakhs

Surrogacy Cost In Bangalore
Surrogacy Cost In Bangalore

Does surrogacy legal in Bangalore?

Yes, surrogacy is a legitimate practice in Bangalore, governed by specific laws and regulations to ensure its ethical and lawful implementation. It is important for couples to be aware of these laws before embarking on the surrogacy process. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Eligibility for Surrogacy: Surrogacy in India is to be had best to married heterosexual couples who’re Indian citizens. The process is constrained to those couples, and positive criteria need to be met to continue in addition
  2. Altruistic Surrogacy: In India, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted, which means that it’s miles illegal to pay the surrogate mother for her services. The aim is to make sure that surrogacy is driven with the aid of compassion and not financial incentives.
  3. Duration of Marriage and Failed Pregnancies: Couples need to be married for a minimum of 5 years earlier than opting for surrogacy. This requirement goal to make certain that they have got given sufficient time and opportunity for herbal theory or assisted reproductive techniques, consisting of IVF, which may also be unsuccessful because of big infertility troubles or repeated being pregnancy losses.
  4. Age Requirements: The age necessities for couples seeking surrogacy in Bangalore are unique. The lady needs to be between 23 and 50 years old, even as the age range for men is from 26 to fifty-five years.
  5. Absence of Biological Child: Couples choosing surrogacy have to no longer have any organic kids, whether thru adoption or foster care. This guarantees that surrogacy is commonly sought as a method to have their biological baby.
  6. Surrogate Mother’s Age: The surrogate mother has to fall in the age range of 25 to 35 years to be eligible for the surrogacy technique.
  7. Gametes and Gestational Surrogacy: Only the gametes of the intended parents or donor gametes can be used in the surrogacy process. Moreover, gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate carries the embryo created from the intended parents’ or donor’s gametes, is the only permitted method.
  8. Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO): Couples residing abroad with OCI or PIO status, indicating their Indian ancestry, have the option to pursue surrogacy in Bangalore.
  9. Surrogacy for Divorced or Widowed Women: Surrogacy may be considered by women who have undergone divorce or lost their spouse, subject to age requirements (23 to 50 years) and significant infertility issues due to advanced age.
  10. State Government Regulations: The regulation and oversight of surrogacy procedures lie with the state government. Therefore, the state government has the authority to decide whether to permit or restrict surrogacy practices.

It is essential for couples considering surrogacy in Bangalore to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and consult with legal and medical professionals to ensure compliance and a smooth surrogacy journey.

Right Choice Fertility: Your Partner in the Journey

Right Choice Fertility, situated in the bustling city of Bangalore, has garnered a well-deserved reputation as a leading fertility clinic offering comprehensive and compassionate surrogacy services. With a strong commitment to personalized care and ethical practices, Right Choice Fertility has become the go-to destination for countless couples in their quest for assisted reproductive options.

At the heart of Right Choice Fertility’s success lies their unwavering dedication to providing individualized care to each patient. The clinic understands that every couple’s journey is unique, and tailors their services accordingly. From the initial consultation to post-surrogacy support, Right Choice Fertility ensures that every step of the process is personalized to meet the specific needs and preferences of the intended parents.

Transparent Pricing and Customized Packages

we prioritize transparency in pricing to offer couples with a clean expertise of the surrogacy Cost in Bangalore. We remember that embarking on a surrogacy journey can be financially daunting, and we strive to make the method as doable and stress-free as feasible.

Our clinic meticulously structures the surrogacy fee, making sure that couples are nicely-knowledgeable about the costs involved at each stage of the journey. We believe in open and honest communication, imparting an in depth breakdown of the expenses related to surrogate selection, scientific approaches, legal strategies, and submit-delivery care.

To cater to the particular wishes and possibilities of supposed mother and father, we offer custom designed applications. We remember that every couple’s adventure is extraordinary, and our intention is to offer a customised method to surrogacy. Our team of experts works carefully with couples to apprehend their necessities and expand a bundle that aligns with their specific wishes, making sure that they’ve a clear knowledge of the financial components proper from the begin.

By way of presenting custom designed programs, we allow couples to have a complete view of the costs involved, avoiding any sudden surprises along the way. We believe that being well-informed about the economic factors of the surrogacy journey empowers couples to plan and make knowledgeable choices with a bit of luck.

Surrogacy Cost In Hyderabad
Surrogacy Cost In Hyderabad

Comprehensive Legal Guidance

Navigating the intricate legal aspects of surrogacy is a crucial step in the journey toward parenthood. Right choice Fertility, a leading fertility hospital in Bangalore, acknowledges the significance of criminal clarity and strives to offer comprehensive steerage to supposed parents. They take into account that addressing the legalities worried in surrogacy is essential to defend the rights of each the surrogate and the supposed dad and mom.

Surrogacy brings collectively multiple events with varying legal rights and responsibilities. It is crucial to have a thorough know-how of the felony framework to make sure a clean and ethical surrogacy approach. Right preference Fertility recognizes the complexity of surrogacy legal guidelines and works diligently to provide informed guidance to intended parents, supporting them navigate this problematic felony landscape.

To ensure that all legal aspects are properly addressed, Right Choice Fertility collaborates closely with legal professionals who specialize in reproductive laws. These experts bring their expertise and in-depth knowledge to the table, providing invaluable insights into the legal requirements and obligations associated with surrogacy. By working hand in hand with legal specialists, Right Choice Fertility ensures that all legalities are diligently observed, protecting the rights and interests of both the surrogate and the intended parents.


Surrogacy cost in Bangalore can be influenced by multiple factors, and it’s essential for intended parents to have a clear understanding of the expenses involved. By consulting with reputable surrogacy clinics or agencies, discussing financial options, and seeking legal guidance, intended parents can navigate the surrogacy process in Bangalore while being well-informed about the cost implications.

Choosing surrogacy as an alternative path to parenthood can be a life-changing decision for couples facing infertility challenges. Right Choice Fertility in Bangalore offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to surrogacy, accompanied by transparent pricing, personalized packages, medical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, legal guidance, and emotional support


Q: How much does surrogacy cost in Bangalore?

A: The cost of surrogacy in Bangalore can vary depending on various factors such as the type of surrogacy, medical procedures involved, legal aspects, and the clinic chosen. On average, the cost of surrogacy in Bangalore ranges from Rs. 16 to 20lakhs.

Q: What does the surrogacy cost include?

A: The surrogacy cost typically includes medical expenses, surrogate compensation, legal fees, psychological counseling, fertility medications, embryo transfer procedures, antenatal care, delivery charges, and administrative charges. However, it’s important to clarify the specific inclusions and exclusions with the chosen surrogacy clinic or agency.

Q: Does the cost of surrogacy vary depending on the type of surrogacy?

A: Yes, the cost of surrogacy can vary depending on the type of surrogacy chosen. Gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate carries an embryo created using the intended parents’ or donor eggs and sperm, tends to be more expensive than traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate is also the genetic mother. The use of donor eggs or sperm in gestational surrogacy can further increase the cost.

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