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Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida: A Comprehensive Guide

Surrogacy is a groundbreaking reproductive option that offers hope to individuals and couples struggling with infertility or medical conditions that prevent them from carrying a pregnancy. Greater Noida, a thriving city in India, has emerged as a hub for surrogacy, providing a supportive legal framework and advanced medical facilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the surrogacy cost in Greater Noida, explore the various factors influencing the expenses, and shed light on why Right Choice Fertility is the ideal destination for your surrogacy journey.

We would like to inform you that surrogacy in India is now regulated by the new surrogacy law (2022), which only allows altruistic Greater Noida. Our clinic has been providing successful surrogacy services in Varanasi for several years and we offer a guaranteed surrogacy package with 100% assurance of a healthy baby.

The cost of surrogacy in Greater Noida typically ranges from 16 to 20 lakh, and we offer a free consultation with our experienced doctor and lawyer to help you understand the surrogacy process and the legal aspects involved.

We understand that surrogacy is a complex and emotional journey, and our team at Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to intended parents throughout the process.

To learn more about our surrogacy services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at +91 8287411159 or email us at [email protected].

Understanding Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

Surrogacy cost in Greater Noida varies based on several factors, including the type of surrogacy (traditional or gestational), the specific arrangements with the surrogate mother, medical procedures involved, legal formalities, and additional services provided by the surrogacy agency or fertility center. It is important to word that the cost of surrogacy in Greater Noida is usually greater lower priced in comparison to many different nations, making it an attractive alternative for people and couples seeking surrogacy arrangements.

Factors Influencing Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

  1. Surrogate Mother Compensation: The compensation for the surrogate mother is a significant component of surrogacy cost. This includes her base fee, medical expenses, monthly allowances, and additional compensation for potential risks or complications.
  2. Medical Expenses: Surrogacy involves various medical procedures, such as IVF, embryo transfer, prenatal care, and delivery. The cost of these medical procedures, including medications, diagnostic tests, and monitoring, contributes to the overall expenses.
  3. Legal and Administrative Fees: Surrogacy involves legal contracts, agreements, and documentation. The fees associated with legal services, drafting contracts, and navigating the legal framework of surrogacy add to the overall cost.
  4. Fertility Center and Agency Fees: The services provided by the surrogacy agency or fertility center, including matching the intended parents with a surrogate, coordinating medical procedures, counseling, and support, come with associated fees.
  5. Additional Services and Surrogacy Packages: Some surrogacy agencies or fertility centers may offer additional services or packages, such as genetic screening, psychological counseling, travel arrangements, and accommodation for intended parents. These services can incur additional costs but provide valuable support throughout the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida
Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

Affordability of Surrogacy in Greater Noida

One of the key factors that make Greater Noida a preferred destination for surrogacy is its affordability. Compared to other countries and even some major cities within India, the cost of surrogacy in Greater Noida is relatively lower. This affordability factor opens doors of hope for individuals and couples who may have otherwise found surrogacy financially challenging.

Here is a table outlining the approximate costs for surrogacy at our clinic, which may be subject to change based on individual circumstances:

Surrogacy ProcessSurrogacy Package
Surrogacy with own eggs & own spermsINR 18-20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs & own spermsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms & own eggsINR 20 lakh
Surrogacy with Donor EmbryoINR 18-20 lakh
Cost of Surrogate Mother
Cost of IVF & Embryo TransferUp to INR 4 lakh
Surrogate mother selection, blood test, surrogate mother preparation (cost)Up to INR 1 lakh
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to INR 35,000
C-section delivery costUp to INR 1-2 lakhs
The surrogate mother stays and foodsUp to INR 2.5 lakhs

Why Choose Greater Noida for Surrogacy?

  1. Advanced Medical Facilities:

Greater Noida boasts state-of-the-art fertility clinics and hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology and highly skilled medical professionals. These advanced medical facilities ensure that individuals and couples receive the highest quality of care and have access to the latest advancements in reproductive medicine.

  1. Experienced Surrogacy Specialists:

Surrogacy specialists in Greater Noida have extensive experience and expertise in handling surrogacy cases. Their deep understanding of the intricacies involved in surrogacy treatments enhances the chances of a successful outcome.

  1. Supportive Legal Framework:

Greater Noida provides a supportive legal framework for surrogacy, ensuring that all parties involved are protected by law. The legal procedures and regulations are designed to safeguard the rights of the intended parents, surrogate mothers, and the child.

  1. Lower Cost of Living:

Compared to other major cities, Greater Noida offers a lower cost of living, which contributes to the overall affordability of surrogacy. This allows individuals and couples to pursue their dreams of parenthood without facing exorbitant expenses.

Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida
Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

Choosing Right Choice Fertility for Surrogacy in Greater Noida:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Right Choice Fertility boasts a team of experienced fertility specialists, reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, and support staff who have a deep understanding of the complexities of surrogacy. Their expertise and extensive experience contribute to higher success rates and positive outcomes.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Right Choice Fertility provides comprehensive support throughout the surrogacy process, including the selection and screening of surrogate mothers, coordination of medical procedures, legal guidance, counseling, and emotional support for intended parents.
  3. Transparent and Affordable Pricing: Right Choice Fertility is committed to transparency in pricing, ensuring that intended parents are fully aware of the surrogacy costs involved. They offer competitive pricing options without compromising on the quality of care provided.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Right Choice Fertility is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced reproductive technology, and a modern laboratory, ensuring that the highest standards of care are maintained throughout the surrogacy journey.


Surrogacy in Greater Noida offers a ray of hope for individuals and couples longing to experience the joy of parenthood. The cost of surrogacy in Greater Noida is affordable and provides access to advanced medical facilities and experienced professionals. With its supportive legal framework and comprehensive surrogacy services, Right Choice Fertility is the perfect partner for your surrogacy journey. By providing transparent pricing, personalized care, and exceptional support, Right Choice Fertility aims to make your dream of parenthood a reality.

FAQ: Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

How much does surrogacy cost in Greater Noida?

The cost of surrogacy in Greater Noida can vary depending on several factors, such as the fertility clinic, the specific services included, the legal and medical requirements, and the individual circumstances of the intended parents. It is best to consult with a surrogacy agency or fertility clinic in Greater Noida for a personalized cost estimate.

What are the typical components included in the cost of surrogacy?

The cost of surrogacy usually includes medical expenses related to fertility treatments, surrogate compensation, legal fees, IVF procedures, embryo transfer, antenatal care, prenatal and postnatal care for the surrogate, medical screenings, and administrative charges. However, the specific components can vary depending on the clinic and the package chosen.

Are there any additional costs associated with surrogacy?

In addition to the core components mentioned earlier, there may be additional costs such as medications, embryo freezing and storage, donor fees (if using donor eggs or sperm), surrogate insurance, travel expenses (if the intended parents or surrogacy agency are from a different location), and any unexpected medical procedures that may arise during the process.

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