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10 Best IVF Centre in Siliguri With High Success Rate

Top 10 best IVF Centre in Siliguri 

In the industry of fertility, Right Choice Fertility Centre stands out as a pioneer in providing top-notch quality IVF services in Siliguri. With modern technology, dedication to excellence, a skilled and educated medical crew, etc, the Right Choice Fertility Centre considered as Best IVF Centre in Siliguri. 

Here’s why you should choose Right Choice Fertility Centre in Siliguri:

Encounter the successful IVF treatment with Right Choice Fertility Centre as it is the best IVF Centre in Siliguri. Right Choice Fertility Centre promises to give healthy newborn babies to couples. It is one of the best infertility treatment centers that is dedicated to providing high-quality IVF treatments to couples.90 to 100% is the statistics of the success rate of  Right Choice Fertility Centre. This range of success rates states that our fertility center is committed to offering successful IVF treatments. Moreover, we’re equipped with highly competent specialists for IVF treatment in Siliguri. Free counseling and premium services are available at Right Choice Fertility Centre.  

IVF process step by step in Siliguri 


Consultation is the most essential step before starting the IVF treatment. Consultation with the IVF specialist provides deep and complete knowledge of IVF treatment and also provides the gauge of IVF cost in Siliguri. 

Stimulation of ovaries

The female partner receives fertility medications and injections to stimulate the ovaries. This step is performed to produce multiple eggs. 

Retrieval of eggs 

Eggs are collected from the ovaries by performing minor surgical procedures using a catheter. 

Collection of sperm 

Sperm is collected from the male partner or the sperm donor. 


Eggs and sperm are combined in the laboratory for the fertilization.  

Embryo culture 

After fertilization, an embryo is created which is monitored for a few days to develop completely. 

Embryo transfer 

A mature and healthy embryo is selected to transfer into the uterus of the woman. 

Pregnancy test

2 weeks later, a pregnancy test is performed with the help of a blood test.   

Why IVF is considered?

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tube 
  • Miscarriage 
  • Failed treatments 
  • If the woman is older or has advanced maternal age
  • Genetic disorder 
  • Endometriosis 
  • Unexplained infertility 
  • Male infertility 
  • Low sperm count 
  • Poor egg quality 

List of best IVF Centre in Siliguri 

  • Right Choice Fertility Centre
  • Ramakrishn IVF Centre 
  • Indira IVF
  • Newlife fertility centre 
  • Vinsfertility 
  • Nova IVF Fertility  
  • Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre 
  • Fertility world 
  • IHR India 
  • Wellspring IVF Surrogacy 

Best IVF Centre in Siliguri 

1. Right Choice Fertility Centre (Best IVF Centre in Siliguri)

Right Choice Fertility Centre’s fertility and IVF specialists, doctors and surgeons are highly educated from the famous universities in India. Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to helping couples who are trying to conceive a child. The doctors of this fertility centre are kind and friendly, they make sure that the patients feel comfortable through the entire journey of surrogacy. Right Choice Fertility Centre’s doctors always provide emotional and psychological support to their patients. Right Choice Fertility Centre promises to put smiles on the various patients’ faces by turning their dream of parenthood into reality. 

Services: IVF, Surrogacy, PGD, ICSI, IUI, IMSI, TESA, consultation, etc.  

Website link: https://www.rightchoicefertility.com 

Phone number: +91 9354082252

Email Address: [email protected] 

2. Ramkrishna IVF Centre 

Ramkrishna IVF Centre brings a new ray of hope for infertile couples. This centre is the most affordable centre in Siliguri that offers premium medical facilities. They aim to bring fruitful solutions to the problem of infertile couples. At, Ramakrishna IVF Centre, you’ll experience result-oriented solutions. They provide the best professional and advanced equipment. They offer high-quality treatment in an encouraging environment. The facilities of this fertility centre are egg donation, semen donation and banking, semen analysis, folliculometry, embryo cryo-preservation, endometrial receptivity array, embryo transfer, endometrium receptivity, etc. They hold a experience of 10 years with 20 professionals and 600 happy clients.  

Services: initial examination and tests, consultation, basic fertility treatment, andrology treatment, advancement treatment, etc 

Website link: www.ramkrishnaivfcentre.com

Email Address: [email protected] 

3. Indira IVF

Indira IVF facilitates fertility treatments for couples all over the world. At Indira IVF Centre, IVF, ICSI, Laser assisted hatching, laparoscopy, embryo culture and transfer, hysteroscopy, IUI, etc are provided. They offer industry-competent expertise and care. Their success rate is higher than other fertility centers. Moreover, they also offer DNA fragmentation index, micro TESE, PGTA, etc. Indira IVF treats patients with the use of the latest technology and experienced fertility doctors. They had 1.4 lakh successful pregnancies. For couples who can’t afford it, they provide EMI plans. 

Services: IVF, surrogacy, ICSI, donors, Embryo transfer, embryo freezing, TESA, IUI, PGD, etc. 

Website link: www.indiraivf.com

Email Address: [email protected] 

4. Newlife fertility centre 

Newlife Fertility Centre is well-known for infertility treatment, medical counseling, best success rate. This fertility centre is committed to turning hope into a miracle by providing the utmost care on the journey. Newlife Fertility Centre’s medical expertise helps them to achieve a success rate. Their various awards show the success and recognition of this fertility center. Their highly qualified medical specialist, advanced equipment, modern techniques, and affordable prices helps you in every stage of IVF treatment. They understand that this treatment requires support that’s why they are always ready to offer unparalleled support and care to the patients.  

Services: IVF, Surrogacy, IUI, ICSI

Website link: www.newlifefertilityclinic.com

Email Address: [email protected] 

5. Vinsfertility

Vinsfertility is one of the best IVF centre in Siliguri, providing world-class IVF treatment. Vinsfertility believes in transparency in terms of cost and process and evidence-based treatments to the patients. They helped many couples with their latest technologies and highly qualified doctors. The doctors and medical professionals maintain a high success rate with their skills and knowledge. Vinsfertility treats patients from different countries and also provides the birth certificate of the baby, after the delivery of the baby they ensure that babies don’t struggle with legal issues while entering their home country. Vinsfertility has various headquarters in more than 25 cities in India.     

Services: IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI, IUI, Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, etc. 

Website link: www.vinsfertility.com

Email Address: [email protected] 

6. Nova IVF Fertility  

Experience the top-notch fertility treatment at Nova IVF Fertility. This fertility centre offers India’s best fertility specialists to treat patients. Get personalized care with this fertility centre. There are various reasons to select Nova IVF Fertility such as acclaimed IVF experts, high success rate, affordable treatment, transparent pricing, 24*7 care, etc. With it’s trained embryologists, counselors, nurses, and fertility specialists they help you in every stage of IVF treatment. This fertility center holds various good reviews from previous patients. Furthermore, they aim to provide advanced reproductive technology (ART) along with a high success rate. 

Services: IVF, ICSI, infertility assessment, PGT, egg freezing, sperm freezing and embryo freezing, preservation for cancer patients, etc. 

Website link: www.novaivffertilitycentres.com

Email Address: N/A 

7. Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre 

Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre is one of the most effective, budget-friendly IVF Centre in Siliguri. It is considered the best IVF centre in Siliguri. This IVF Centre offers all types of fertility treatment such as IVF, IUI, IMSI, surrogacy ICSI, etc. Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre ensures all legal aspects so that the couple won’t face legal issues while handling the baby to the couples. The legal team of this Centre will take care of all the documental works while performing the treatment. Moreover, they provide world-class facilities and an expert team of fertility specialists. The objective of Aveya IVF and Fertility Centre is to help all couples facing infertility and provide them happiness through our skills and expertise.

Services: IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI, IMSI, TESA, embryo freezing, egg and sperm freezing, etc. 

Website link: www.aveya.in

Email Address: [email protected] 

8. Fertility world 

Fertility World offers treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc. to provide happiness to the families of couples with their infertility treatment. Fertility World starts its IVF treatment through consultation then goes in depth to figure out the issue and comes up with a comprehensive solution, which means the best treatment for infertile couples. The Fertility world is equipped with a great team of medical experts who treat infertile couples with their wealth of knowledge. Fertility World provides IVF treatment to all over the world. To fulfill the wishes of infertile couples, the centre has been continuously giving their fertility services for many years. The Centre is well organized to eliminate the anxiousness and ensure a comfortable and friendly environment. The staff of the Fertility World offers services 24*7 to their clients. They are equipped with well experienced team and have done so many treatments with 80 to 90% success rate.

Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI, TESA, Surrogacy, IMSI, etc 

Website link: www.fertilityworld.in

Email Address: [email protected] 

9. IHR India 

IHR India is considered one of the leading maternity hospitals in Siliguri. IHR India was established in 1980. They offer high-quality fertility and reproductive endocrinology treatment. IHR India has an award-winning portfolio in the healthcare sector. IHR India is the best surrogacy hospital in Siliguri. The goal of this fertility centre is to transform infertility of the couples into parenthood with their fertility specialist, surgeons, skilled staff and well infrastructure. This IVF centre comes with a high rate of success in its treatments. Additionally, IHR India offers young, healthy, and fit surrogate mother for surrogacy and IVF treatment with experience of surrogacy of at least one child. IHR India has maintained a record and database of surrogates. 

Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI, TESA, semen analysis, etc. 

Website link: www.ihrindia.com/siliguri/

Email Address: [email protected] 

10. Wellspring IVF Surrogacy 

Wellspring IVF surrogacy is a trusted, recognized, and reputed fertility Centre in Siliguri. This fertility centre is an affordable IVF and fertility centre in Siliguri. This fertility centre was established by Dr Pranay Shah. This fertility Centre provides fertility treatment to women with infertility problems. Well spring IVF surrogacy comes with its own IVF laboratory equipped with the latest technology equipment and experienced doctors. Wellspring IVF Surrogacy offers a team of renowned obstetrician-gynecologists and infertility experts who offer the best IVF treatments to couples having dreams of parenthood. The main goal of this fertility centre is to offer cost-effective fertility service packages to patients. 

Services: IVF, Surrogacy, IUI, gynecological, blastocyst transfer, freezing, eggs and sperm donation, ICSI, TESA, PESA, PGD, etc. 

Website link: www.wellspringivfsurrogacy.com 

Email Address: [email protected] 


In conclusion, the article is all about the top 10 IVF Centre in Siliguri, where the audiences got to know about IVF in detail. Selecting the best IVF centre in Siliguri is a difficult and confusing task as it involves careful consideration of various factors. The factors include personal needs and preferences, cost, success rate, etc. There are several popular IVF centres in Siliguri, each with its strengths, weaknesses, and features. Before selecting the best IVF centre in Siliguri, it’s important to conduct thorough research regarding IVF centres in Siliguri. It’s best to visit the IVF centre personally and take recommendations, and reviews from previous patients. Visiting the IVF Centre personally results in making an informed decision that handles your specific and unique situation. Take proper guidance and support from fertility specialists and legal advisors to make your entire journey of IVF successful and beautiful. 

FAQs about best ivf centre in siliguri

Name the best IVF centre in Siliguri.

Right Choice Fertility Centre, Newlife Fertility Centre, Ramkrishna Fertility Centre, Nova Fertility Centre, etc are the best IVF Centre in Siliguri. 

Which country is best to have IVF  treatment?

Countries like India, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Nepal, Poland, Mexico, etc provide the best IVF treatment.

Is there any risk associated with IVF?

IVF has some risks which is similar to natural pregnancy, so the medical risks that are in natural pregnancy are also in IVF treatment.

How much IVF cost in Siliguri?

The cost of IVF in Siliguri ranges from 1.5 to 6 lakh, including medications, injections, medical care, retrieval of egg, sperm collection, fertilization, embryo culture and transfer, etc. 

What is the success rate of IVF in Siliguri?

The success rate of IVF in Siliguri depends on the age of the woman and the quality of treatment. If the woman is under 30 years, the success rate is 80 to 90%. If the woman is 30 to 35 years old then the success rate is 75%. If the woman is older than 40 years then the success rate ranges from 40 to 60%. 

Which fertility centre is best for IVF treatment in Siliguri?

Right Choice Fertility Centre for IVF treatment is the best option as this centre offers a high success rate that ranges from 90 to 100%. Furthermore, it provides affordable prices for fertility treatment. 

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