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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri 2024?

surrogacy cost in siliguri

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri? 

Siliguri which is a part of West Bengal offers surrogacy at a reasonable cost. As we all know surrogacy is a costly fertility treatment. Due to its expensiveness, some couples are unable to afford it. However, it is still affordable in India in comparison to developed countries, for instance, the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc. Especially in Siliguri, it is affordable, it is not a metropolitan city like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. so the prices of surrogacy in Siliguri are low. So if you’re planning to get surrogacy treatment, it is advised to choose affordable surrogacy provider cities or countries. Nevertheless, before choosing a destination, let’s gauge the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. 

Law regarding surrogacy in Siliguri 

In Siliguri, there are several laws and regulations regarding surrogacy.  Only heterosexual married couples are allowed in Siliguri, India to take surrogacy. Surrogacy is not allowed for other nationalities in Siliguri, India. A married couple should be married for at least 5 years to opt for surrogacy. There is no biological child of the couple. Additionally, not any child through surrogacy. 

Understanding the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri

The cost of surrogacy in Siliguri is the most common question asked by every individual who wants to seek surrogacy in Siliguri. Generally, in Siliguri, the cost ranges from 12 to 16 lakhs. This cost of surrogacy is just an estimation, various factors play a pivotal role in deciding the surrogacy cost in Siliguri. For instance, the expertise of the doctor and clinic, the experience of the doctor, location of the centre, the success rate of the clinic, tests like blood tests, ultrasound, consultation, medication, embryo transfer, etc. 

However, if you’re thinking, “If it is just an estimation, then what’s the actual price? ” Well for this question you need to consult with the fertility specialist to get exact and up-to-date information. 

Below is the table of surrogacy costs in Siliguri: 

Surrogacy treatments in siliguri Cost of surrogacy treatments in Siliguri
Surrogacy 12 to 16 lakh 
Surrogate mother 4 to 6 lakh 
Egg donor 30 to 45k
Sperm donor 10 to 25k 
Donation of embryo 40 to 70k 
Freezing embryo 10k to 1.5k/month 
Semen freezing 5k/month 
IVF 3 cycle with injection using a donor egg and self sperm Up to 50k 
IVF2.5 to 3.5 lakh 
IVF 3 cycle with injection using donor egg and self sperm 3.8 lakh 
IVF 3 cycle with injection using own egg and donor sperm 3.7 lakh 
IUIUp to 10k to 40k 
IUI without injection Up to 18k 
IUI 2 cycle with injection Up to 50k 
ICSI Up to 1 lakh 
FET Up to 45k 
TESE Up to 30k 
Normal vaginal delivery costUp to 70k 
C-section delivery cost Up to 1 lakh 

Estimating surrogacy expenses in Siliguri 

Estimating surrogacy expenses can vary depending on several factors, including the medical process, compensation of the surrogate mother, legal fees, and agency costs. Surrogacy may be more affordable in Siliguri, India in comparison to some Western countries, Nevertheless, it’s essential to consult with local fertility clinics or agencies for cost breakdowns. Moreover, consider legal aspects and ensure transparency in the financial terms.

Is considering surrogacy at Right Choice Fertility Centre worth it?

Experience successful fertility treatment with the Right Choice Fertility Centre. Picking the Right Choice Fertility Centre for the surrogacy treatment is a good decision as it promises to provide a healthy baby to the intended couple. Right Choice Fertility Centre is an infertility treatment centre that focuses on providing top-notch quality treatments to its patients. Right Choice Fertility Centre’s success rate ranges from 90 to 100%. Right Choice Fertility Centre’s fertility specialists, doctors, and surgeons are highly educated from famous universities in India. Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to helping couples who are trying to conceive a child. The doctors of this fertility centre are kind and friendly, they make sure that the patients feel comfortable through the entire journey of surrogacy. Right Choice Fertility Centre’s doctors always provide emotional and psychological support to their patients. They promise to put smiles on the various patients’ faces by turning their dream of parenthood into reality. 


In conclusion, this article is all about the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. The cost of Siliguri ranges up to 12 lakh. This cost of surrogacy can increase depending on a few factors such as additional facilities or services and the clinic’s specific testing. In addition, the medication expenses, travel, surrogate housing, etc also contribute to the total cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. Before engaging in surrogacy in Siliguri, it’s important to research various surrogacy provider clinics and consult with their doctors. They can give you complete information and understanding of the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri.

FAQs About Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a fertility treatment in which a surrogate mother agrees to carry child on the behalf of the other couple. 

What is the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri?

The surrogacy cost in Siliguri is around 12 to 16 lakhs which is affordable as compared to other cities in India. 

Why surrogacy is a great option?

Surrogacy is the most commonly used fertility treatment option for having a baby. It is the best option as couples who are struggling with extreme problems and are not able to conceive pregnancy with other ART techniques. In that situation, surrogacy is a great option.  

Which fertility center is best for surrogacy treatment in Siliguri?

Right Choice Fertility Centre is the best option for surrogacy in Siliguri as it offers a high success rate along with good medical care. 

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy includes a gestational surrogate who carries a child on behalf of the intended parents. The surrogate mother conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended parents’ or donor’s eggs and sperm. The process includes a legal agreement, collection of egg and sperm, fertilization, creating an embryo, transfer of embryo, and pregnancy check. 

Is surrogacy legal in siliguri?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Siliguri but only Indian married couples can opt. It is not available for non-Indian couples. 

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