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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata in 2024?

How much does surrogacy cost in Kolkata?

Commencing with the surrogacy cost in Kolkata, it is indeed a procedure of considerable expense. The legal aspects are intricate, and governed by numerous laws. Opting for surrogacy is often advised by experts when other methods have proven incapable. Couples, finding relief in the arrival of healthy, genetically related children, regard surrogacy as the pathway to successful parenthood. The surrogacy cost in Kolkata, notably, stands as a more economical option compared to other states and developed nations. The city is home to renowned centers that facilitate the process with cutting-edge technologies and progressive approaches. Moreover, Kolkata boasts highly experienced experts and doctors, positioning it as the premier and most sought-after location for couples and patients seeking optimal treatments. 

Understanding Surrogacy 

Understanding the core principles of surrogacy is imperative before delving into its financial considerations. Surrogacy, a form of third-party reproduction, involves a volunteer woman, the surrogate mother, carrying a child for intended parents facing challenges in natural conception. This may stem from various reasons, commonly due to their inability to conceive.

There are two primary categories of surrogacy:

Traditional Surrogacy: In this method, the intended father’s eggs and sperm are utilized for fertilization. Consequently, the surrogate becomes the biological mother of the child. However, owing to legal complexities and issues related to parentage, this approach is relatively less prevalent.

Gestational Surrogacy: Contrarily, gestational surrogacy involves using the eggs and sperm of the intended father or a donor, along with those of the intended mother or another donor. Outside the body, these components combine to form embryos, which are then implanted into the surrogate mother. In this process, the surrogate carries and delivers the child without any biological connection, making it the predominant and widely accepted method of surrogacy today. 

Why is Surrogacy Required? 

For people and couples going through quite several limitations on their ride to parenthood, surrogacy is a signal of hope and opportunity. This transformative alternative has ended up a lifeline for many, supplying infinite compelling motives to pursue it.

Infertility as a Last Resort:

For couples struggling with power infertility despite many one-of-a-kind fertility treatments, surrogacy is a beacon of hope. It symbolizes the persistence of their desires and reassures them that the trip to parenthood is nevertheless possible. Often regarded as a closing resort, surrogacy is turning into a promising choice for those who refuse to let infertility outline their family.

Overcoming Medical Hurdles:

In the face of complicated clinical conditions, in particular troubles affecting the uterus, surrogacy affords a compassionate and realistic alternative. For couples unable to navigate the challenges of a full-term pregnant due to scientific complications, surrogacy will become the bridge to realizing their goals of parenthood. It’s an answer that transcends bodily obstacles, putting forward that the want for a household can triumph over clinical hurdles.

Empowering Same-Sex Couples:

Surrogacy stands as an empowering choice for same-sex couples aspiring to have a child genetically linked to one or both partners. By overcoming biological barriers, surrogacy facilitates the fulfillment of parenting goals for these couples. The surrogate mother becomes a pivotal partner in the intricate and beautiful process of building families, breaking down traditional constraints, and fostering inclusivity.

Fulfilling Dreams for Single Individuals:

Embracing an inclusive approach, surrogacy offers a path for single individuals, particularly single men, to experience the joys of biological parenthood. This progressive avenue enables those outside conventional family structures to embark on the fulfilling journey of parenthood, embracing the evolving landscape of familial diversity.

Addressing Age-Related Fertility Challenges:

Surrogacy offers hope and solace to women struggling with age-related fertility issues. Surrogacy gives these women a chance to see their biological child grow up because the biological clock now plays a role in fertility. It offers a fresh sense of hope and a path to parenthood by going beyond the limitations imposed by age-related reproductive complications.

What are the factors that may impact the surrogacy cost in Kolkata?

Type of Reproduction:

The cost of using a conventional or gestational surrogate might vary. Compared to conventional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy is increasingly popular and does not include a biological relationship between the surrogate and the child. As such, the cost structures may change.

The available treatments:

In vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, and other medical procedures drive up the entire cost of fertility treatments and prenatal care. 

Legal Expenses: 

Additional expenses are incurred in the writing of contracts, establishing parental rights, and guaranteeing legal conformity. It takes legal counsel to successfully negotiate the complex surrogacy legal environment. 

Reimbursement for Surrogates: 

The surrogate’s compensation covers her time, effort, and any health risks associated with pregnancy, covering a significant portion of the cost of surrogacy. Compensation may be affected by the surrogate’s experience and location.

Costs for shipping: 

Regardless of whether a cesarean section or a normal delivery is required, the surrogacy fee covers all medical expenses. It is essential to communicate clearly with the medical team to comprehend and plan for these potential costs. 

Fees for a Preschool:

For nursery facilities and postpartum care, the clinic or agency providing surrogacy services may charge additional fees.

Cost of Agency:

If they are involved in the surrogacy process, agency fees may cover services like matching intended parents with surrogates, coordinating medical and legal aspects, and providing overall support.

Location of the Surrogacy Clinic: 

The location of the surrogacy clinic can have an impact on costs. Surrogacy costs may be affected by clinic overhead costs that vary from location to location.

Support and counseling services: 

Emotional and psychological support services, such as counseling for the intended parents and the surrogate, may incur additional costs. However, these services are necessary for everyone’s overall well-being.

After-delivery care:

The total cost of surrogacy may rise as a result of ongoing medical care and support after the child is born, as well as any complications or unanticipated events.

Surrogacy cost in Kolkata 

In Kolkata, the cost of surrogacy begins from 12 to 16 lakh and it can extend up to 18 lakh. The cost of surrogacy in Kolkata includes medicines, drugs, egg retrieval, sperm collection, embryo culture, embryo transfer, laboratory, counseling, and legal aspects. Several factors influence the surrogacy cost in Kolkata such as infertility cause, medical history, extra facilities, success rate, location of the clinic, experienced medical professionals, etc. 

Hysteroscopy Cost of surrogacy treatments
Surrogacy 12 to 16 lakh 
Surrogate mother 4 to 6 lakh 
Egg donor 30 to 45k
Sperm donor 10 to 25k 
Donation of embryo 40 to 70k 
Freezing embryo 10k to 1.5k/month 
Semen freezing 5k/month 
Heteroscopy Up to 50k 
IVF2.5 to 3.5 lakh 

What’s the impact of Surrogacy Fees in Kolkata on Couples? 

The impact of surrogacy cost in Kolkata on couples is multifaceted and extends beyond financial considerations. Couples exploring surrogacy as a reproductive option often face a range of emotional, psychological, and logistical challenges associated with the financial aspects of the process. Here, we delve into the various dimensions of this impact:

Financial Strain:

Direct Costs: The surrogacy cost in Kolkata embodies several direct costs, along with clinical procedures, prison services, surrogate compensation, and employer fees. These economic tasks can area an extensive burden on couples, specifically thinking that fertility redress is regularly not protected through insurance.

Indirect Costs:

Couples may also incur indirect costs such as travel, accommodation, and additional living expenses for the surrogate. These expenses contribute to the overall financial strain, making it crucial for couples to plan and budget effectively.

Emotional Rollercoaster:

Financial Stress: The financial burden associated with surrogacy fees can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. Couples may find themselves navigating a delicate balance between the emotional aspects of the surrogacy journey and the practicalities of managing the associated costs. 

Hope and Expectations:

The decision to pursue surrogacy often comes after a long and emotionally taxing fertility journey. The financial investment in surrogacy fees can raise hopes and expectations, adding emotional weight to the process. The fear of financial loss in case of unsuccessful attempts can be emotionally challenging.

Logistical Challenges:

Navigating Legalities: The legal aspects of surrogacy involve complexities and entail additional costs. Couples may need to allocate time and effort to understand and comply with legal requirements, adding another layer of stress to the overall process.

Coordination and Communication: Coordinating between the intended parents, surrogates, medical professionals, and legal entities requires effective communication. Couples may find themselves managing various logistical aspects, which, when combined with financial considerations, can be overwhelming.

Impact on Decision-Making:

Financial Trade-offs: The high surrogacy fees in Kolkata may force couples to make challenging financial trade-offs. They might need to decide between pursuing additional attempts, exploring alternative fertility treatments, or even reconsidering their family-building options.

Delayed Parenthood: The financial implications may lead some couples to delay or reevaluate their plans for parenthood. This delay can have emotional repercussions, especially for those who have already experienced challenges in conceiving.

Need for Support Systems:

Emotional Support: The impact of surrogacy fees underscores the importance of emotional support for couples. Having a strong support system, including friends, family, and support groups, can help couples navigate the challenges and maintain their mental well-being.

Financial Counseling: Seeking financial counseling can be beneficial for couples to understand their options, plan effectively, and alleviate some of the stress associated with surrogacy fees. Professional advice can provide a clearer financial roadmap and help couples make informed decisions. 

Why choose Right Choice Fertility Centre?

Experience the beautiful journey of surrogacy with Right Choice Fertility Centre which holds an amazing journey of 12 years in the fertility industry. Right Choice Fertility Centre comes with modern tech equipment, experienced professionals, hardworking nurses, fertility specialists, etc. Medical professionals of this fertility center fulfils the need for emotional and psychological support. Their highly qualified doctors hold an experience of more than 10 years of work with a commitment to providing successful surrogacy treatment. Right Choice Fertility Centre undertakes every case with a guarantee of providing a 90 to 100% success rate. The objective of Right Choice Fertility Centre is to provide affordable surrogacy treatment and bring smiles to the faces of numerous families with their hard work, talent, and skills. Right Choice Fertility Centre is dedicated to bringing joy to the families of intended couples. 


In conclusion, the cost of surrogacy in Kolkata ranges from 12 to 16 lakh. The cost including all medical facilities and surrogate mother compensation ranges from 4 to 6 lakh. However, before taking surrogacy treatment. It’s always necessary to research thoroughly about the centre as researching helps you in investing your money in the right place. So contact your desired fertility centre and take a consultation with the best IVF fertility specialist of their center. 

FAQs About Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata

What is the real cost of surrogacy?

The real cost of surrogacy varies based on several factors, including location, medical procedures, agency fees, and surrogate compensation. In Kolkata, factors such as legal requirements, medical expenses, agency fees, and emotional support contribute to the overall cost. It’s crucial to consult with surrogacy experts and agencies to get a detailed breakdown tailored to individual circumstances.

What is the minimum cost of surrogacy in India?

Determining the minimum cost of surrogacy in India involves considering essential elements like medical expenses, legal requirements, surrogate compensation, and agency fees. While costs can vary, a comprehensive estimate ensures clarity. Surrogacy seekers in India should consult with experienced professionals to understand the baseline expenses involved in their specific situation.

How can I find a surrogate mother in Mumbai?

Finding a surrogate mother in Mumbai involves collaboration with reputable surrogacy agencies and clinics. These entities typically have a network of potential surrogates who have undergone thorough screening. Intended parents can connect with surrogacy agencies, attend informational sessions, and participate in the matching process facilitated by experts to find a suitable surrogate mother in Mumbai.

Is paid surrogacy legal in India?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, paid surrogacy was legal in India. However, regulations and legal frameworks may evolve. It’s crucial to stay updated on the latest laws regarding surrogacy in India. Consulting legal professionals and surrogacy experts can provide accurate and current information regarding the legality of paid surrogacy in the country.

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