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Surrogacy in Siliguri – Cost, Centre, Laws, Process and Success Rates

Surrogacy in Siliguri

Surrogacy in Siliguri

Becoming a parent is the dream of almost all the couples in the world. However, some couples face issues while fulfilling this dream. They are unable to conceive naturally. To solve this problem, surrogacy is practiced. The practice of surrogacy in India is not new. It’s been 30 years of surrogacy in India. However, it is uncontrolled due to a lack of rules and regulations regarding surrogacy. Kolkata is the place where the first successful fertility treatment was done in 1978. This successful treatment gives hope to the numerous infertile parents. 

If you are also struggling with infertility and planning to get infertility treatment or surrogacy then Siliguri is the best option as the quality of treatment, price, and success, everything is perfect in Siliguri. You can experience joyful surrogacy in Siliguri

Here’s why surrogacy in Siliguri is best:

  • It is due to the high success rate
  • Advanced medical techniques 
  • Modern equipment
  • Affordable prices 
  • Experienced doctors 
  • Recognized and trusted fertility clinics 

What is surrogacy? 

The word surrogacy comes from the Latin word “ surrogates” which means substitute or to act on another woman’s place. Surrogacy is a form of ART (assisted reproductive technology) where a woman or surrogate mother agrees to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of the other woman. Once the baby is delivered, the surrogate mother gives the baby to the intended couple and in return she gets compensation. 

Types of surrogacy 

Traditional surrogacy: involves the transfer of an embryo using the surrogate mother’s egg and the intended father’s sperm, making the biological child. However, this surrogacy is not allowed in Siliguri due to emotional and legal complexities. 

Gestational surrogacy: involves the intended mother’s egg and the intended father’s sperm to fertilise the eggs. In this case, there is no genetic relation between the surrogate mother to the child. 

The process of surrogacy in Siliguri

No doubt surrogacy is a touchy and complicated process that involves several steps such as: 

Consultation: To discuss the process, legalities, and potential candidates, Intended couples need to consult with a fertility specialist or surrogacy agency. 

Medical Evaluations: To ensure the surrogate is emotionally, physically, or mentally fit. The Surrogates undergo thorough medical and psychological screenings.  

Legal Agreements: official legal contracts are drafted, mentioning responsibilities, compensation, and expectations. Both parties should have separate legal representation and interest as signs of both parties are required. 

Fertility Treatments: If required, the surrogate mother may undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended parents’ or donors’ gametes. In this step, egg retrieval and sperm collection are performed to collect egg and sperm. Eggs are combined with sperm to facilitate fertilization. The embryo is created then a healthy-looking embryo is transferred to the uterus of the woman. 2 weeks later, after transferring the embryo, a blood test is performed to confirm the pregnancy of the surrogate mother.  

Once pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother receives special prenatal care from her healthcare provider. Intended parents may be involved in medical appointments.

Birth: The surrogate gives birth, and after the delivery, the baby is returned to the intended couple. Moreover, the legal process ensures parental rights are transferred to the intended parents.

Eligibility of surrogacy in Siliguri 

  • Indian married couples should be married for at least 5 years. 
  • Not having a biological child naturally or via surrogacy.
  • Certificate of infertility from a recognized hospital or center.   
  • The age requirement for females is 23 to 50 years and for males is 26 to 55 years old. 

Eligibility of surrogate mother in Siliguri 

  • The age should be between 25 to 35 years old. 
  • A close relative to the intended couple. 
  • No previous surrogacy. 
  • The surrogate mother must be married. 
  • She must be having a child of her own. 

Cost of surrogacy in Siliguri 

The cost of surrogacy in Siliguri is less expensive as compared to other cities or states of India. In Delhi and Mumbai, the cost ranges from 14 to 20 lakh but in Siliguri, it ranges from 12 to 16 lakh. You can see the big difference in the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri, Mumbai, and Delhi. The table mentions the cost of every step in surrogacy in Siliguri:

Surrogacy treatments in Siliguri Cost of surrogacy treatments
Surrogacy 12 to 16 lakh 
Surrogate mother 4 to 6 lakh 
Egg donor 30 to 45k
Sperm donor 10 to 25k 
Donation of embryo 40 to 70k 
Freezing embryo 10k to 1.5k/month 
Semen freezing 5k/month 
Hysteroscopy Up to 50k 
IVF2.5 to 3.5 lakh 
IVF 3 cycle with injection using donor egg and self sperm 3.8 lakh 
IVF 3 cycle with injection using own egg and donor sperm 3.7 lakh 
IUIUp to 10k to 40k 
IUI without injection Up to 18k 
IUI 2 cycle with injection Up to 50k 
ICSI Up to 1 lakh 
FET Up to 45k 
TESE Up to 30k 
Normal vaginal delivery costUp to 70k 
C-section delivery cost Up to 1 lakh 

What factors influence the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri? 

The surrogacy cost varies on different factors. For each couple, there is a different cost. The cost is decided as per the condition or issue of the patient. Specific requirements and other aspects can add up to the total cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. The following factors include: 

Medical Expenses: surrogacy treatment and IVF procedure requires medications that increase the cost of surrogacy. Moreover, prenatal care also requires medications.  

Surrogate Mother Compensation: Compensation is given to the surrogate mother for her services to the intended parents. The surrogate mother sacrifices her body for other couples so it is necessary to give compensation. 

Agency Fees: fertility agencies also play a crucial role as trusted and reputed clinics charge more. 

Legal Fees: Costs related to legal processes, contracts, and documentation also add up to the total cost of surrogacy. 

Additional Services: some fertility centres offer additional services such as genetic testing, egg/sperm donation, or medical screenings. It also increases the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. 

Location and Facility Reputation: Local economic conditions and the reputation of medical facilities in Siliguri also play a crucial role in increasing the cost. 

Intended Parents’ Requirements: some intended parents require Specific needs or preferences that may incur additional costs.

Insurance and Medical Coverage: surrogacy costs related to insurance for medical complications during pregnancy contribute to the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. 

Living Expenses for Surrogate Mother:  living expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses for the surrogate mother can affect the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. 

Administrative and Miscellaneous Costs: Miscellaneous expenses like administrative fees and unforeseen costs can also decide the overall cost of surrogacy in Siliguri. 

How much does the surrogate mother charge in Siliguri?

Typically, the compensation of surrogate mothers ranges from 3 to 6 lakh in Siliguri. However, it is just an estimate and can vary depending on various factors, involving location, age, experience, etc. The cost of the surrogate mother is included in the surrogacy contract.  

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri?

Surrogacy in Siliguri has a high success rate as it involves the help of surrogate mothers, experienced doctors, reputed clinics, and modern technology equipment and modern methods to treat the patients. Mentioned below is the table of the success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri: 

Surrogacy treatments  Success rate 
Surrogacy using self gametes 70 to 85% 
IVF using self gametes 50 to 60% 
IVF with frozen embryo transfer 60 to 70% 
IVF with pre implanted genetic diagnosis 70 to 75% 
IVF with Laser assisted hatching 60 to 70% 
ICSI 50 to 60% 

Laws regarding surrogacy in Siliguri 

There are numerous laws regarding surrogacy in Siliguri which apply to every couple. Every couple or fertility clinic needs to follow these rules before embarking on the treatment. The law includes married couples who are married for at least five years, foreign couples are not allowed for surrogacy in Siliguri, only heterosexual couples can select surrogacy in Siliguri, the intended couples should be Indian citizens, the intended couples must not have a child through natural or surrogacy process, widows or a divorced female can also choose surrogacy in Siliguri, only gestational surrogacy is allowed in Siliguri and commercial surrogacy is illegal in Siliguri as involves international couples.   

What is the best fertility centre that offers surrogacy in Siliguri?

Right Choice Fertility Centre is one of the best fertility centre in Siliguri that poses many goods facilities such as:  

Services: surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, IMSI, PGD, TESA, PESA, embryo freezing, surrogate mother, consultation, etc. 

Success rate: 90 to 100%  

Website link: www.rightchoicefertility.com

Phone number: +91 9354082252

Email Address: [email protected]  

Why choose the Right Choice Fertility Centre for surrogacy in Siliguri? 

Right Choice Fertility is a well-known fertility centre in Siliguri that uses modern methods or procedures to treat patients. Right Choice Fertility Centre comes with highly qualified doctors and fertility specialists who treat patients with enthusiasm and dedication. Their medical staff ensures to provide a healthy and friendly environment so the patients feel comfortable in the fertility centre. For emotional and psychological well-being, they provide emotional and psychological support to the patients. Right Choice Fertility Centre provides free consultation to the intended parents. They undertake every case with a guarantee of providing successful surrogacy treatment. Their success rate ranges from 90 to 100%. The reason behind the great success rate of this fertility centre is the dedicated fertility specialists and surgeons who work hard to provide you with a healthy baby. Right Choice Fertility Centre offers affordable prices for surrogacy in Siliguri. Their main aim is to bring smiles to the faces of intended parents. With their fertility services, they will help you to extend your family. 

Here’s why to select Right Choice Fertility Centre in Siliguri:

  • Top-notch quality treatment 
  • High-quality services and support for every intended couple 
  • Affordable prices 
  • High success rate 
  • Availability of egg donors 
  • Availability of surrogate mother 
  • Available for 24*7 
  • Latest and modern equipment to treat the patients 
  • Highly educated doctors and surgeons 


In conclusion, this guide is all about surrogacy in Siliguri. surrogacy is a blessing for intended couples. It is a fertility treatment that helps infertile couples. Generally, surrogacy is costly but still, it is affordable in many states such as Siliguri. Siliguri is one of the great destinations to receive surrogacy treatment. However, before getting into surrogacy treatment, It’s important to seek professional guidance from the fertility specialist and ensure legal, medical, and emotional aspects are carefully addressed throughout the surrogacy process. 

FAQs About Surrogacy in Siliguri

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy that involves fertilization of the intended mother’s egg and the intended father’s sperm to create an embryo. In gestational surrogacy, the child hasn’t genetic relation with the surrogate mother.  

What is commercial surrogacy? 

In commercial surrogacy, surrogate mothers are paid for surrogacy treatment. 

Is commercial surrogacy allowed in Siliguri?

No, commercial surrogacy is illegal in Siliguri. 

Which type of surrogacy is allowed in Siliguri? 

Gestational surrogacy is the type of surrogacy allowed in Siliguri.

Name the best fertility centre that offers the best surrogacy treatment in Siliguri.

Right Choice Fertility Centre is the best surrogacy treatment provider centre in Siliguri. They provide top-notch quality treatment to the patients along with a high success rate.

Is Siliguri worth surrogacy treatment?

Yes, it is worth it for surrogacy treatment. It is one of the best destinations to get surrogacy treatment. In Siliguri, they offer affordable prices for surrogacy. 

Why is surrogacy best?

Surrogacy is one of the most commonly used infertility treatment options for the intended parents. It is a fruitful solution for couples who are struggling with infertility issues and are not able to conceive pregnancy naturally or with other ART techniques. In that situation, surrogacy is a great option for having a baby. 

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