Surrogacy Law in Kazakhstan 2024 – is Surrogacy Legal in Kazakhstan?

Surrogacy Law in Kazakhstan

In kazakhstan, surrogacy is gaining popularity day by day due to advancements in reproductive technologies. The reproductive technologies or methods include surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, etc. that provide hope to the intended couples. Couples around the world choose kazakhstan as their fertility treatment destination. This place has relaxed laws related to surrogacy. Moreover, offers affordable costs without compromising the standards and quality of the treatment. In this article, we will explore the surrogacy law in kazakhstan.

Is surrogacy legal in Kazakhstan?

Surrogacy in kazakhstan needs a legal agreement between the surrogate mother and the intended couple. The legal contract between both parties presents the rights and responsibilities of the involved parties. The rights of surrogate mothers, intended couples, and the child are protected through this legal agreement. In kazakhstan, the surrogate mother gets compensated for her work, carrying and delivering the child. The intended couples handle all the medical expenses of the surrogate mother. In addition, the surrogate mother does not have any right to the child. The intended parents will have parental rights on the child.

Surrogacy law in Kazakhstan

As per Article 146 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 7 July 2020. On People’s Health and Healthcare System”, reproductive technologies involve infertility treatment techniques (artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, and embryo implantation).

The code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Marriage (Marriage) and Family” defines the surrogacy treatment, surrogate mother, and surrogacy contract. 

  • Surrogacy refers to carrying and delivering a child. Surrogacy involves premature birth under the surrogacy contract between the intended couple and the surrogate mother.
  • According to surrogacy law, a surrogate mother refers to a woman who carries a pregnancy and delivers a child after utilizing reproductive technologies.
  • A surrogacy contract is a written agreement between the surrogate mother and the intended couple.

The surrogacy law in kazakhstan includes the following points:

  • Only gestational surrogacy is allowed and legal in kazakhstan.
  • Only heterosexual married couples are allowed to avail of the surrogacy procedure. 
  • The surrogate mother in kazakhstan must have a child of her own.
  • The intended parents will be the legal parents of the child.
  • The age of a surrogate mother is between 20 and 35 years old.
  • In kazakhstan, the surrogacy procedure involves a medical and legal process.
  • The couple’s cause of infertility must meet one of the five medical diagnoses.
  • The surrogate mother should have a statement from a medical centre that states her physical, mental, and reproductive health. 
  • In kazakhstan, surrogacy is allowed for local, national, and international individuals.
  • Kazakhstan law doesn’t allow commercial surrogacy for individuals.

Moreover, The code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Marriage (Marriage) and Family” was established in 2012. In this, there’s chapter 9 “Surrogate Motherhood and the Use of Techniques and Technologies of Assisted Reproduction” states that Individuals from other countries including Europe and other Asian countries come to kazakhstan for surrogate mothers due to relaxed laws.

Cost of surrogacy in kazakhstan

The cost of surrogacy in kazakhstan can vary on various factors including different clinics, success rate, location, expertise, cause of infertility, age of the women, advanced reproductive technologies, etc. Moreover, the additional expenses such as traveling, housing, accommodation, etc can also influence the cost of surrogacy in kazakhstan. Typically, kazakhstan is affordable for fertility treatments. The prices of surrogacy or infertility treatments are low in kazakhstan as compared to other Western countries. The Surrogacy Cost in Kazakhstan ranges from $40000 to $60000. 

Table of cost of surrogacy in Kazakhstan

Surrogacy in kazakhstanCost of surrogacy in Kazakhstan
Surrogacy with own egg and own spermUp to $40000
Surrogacy with donor egg and own sperms$40000 to $43000
Surrogacy with own eggs and donor spermsUp to $40000
IVF and embryo transferUp to $3500
Normal vaginal deliveryUp to $1500
C section deliveryUp to $2000
Housing and food expenses of the surrogate motherUp to $3000
Preparation, blood tests, and selection of surrogate motherUp to $2000

Table of cost of surrogacy in different areas of Kazakhstan

Surrogacy in different areas of KazakhstanCost of surrogacy in different areas of Kazakhstan
Surrogacy cost in Almaty$40000 to $60000
Surrogacy cost in Astana $44000 to $55000
Surrogacy cost in Shymkent $42000 to $50000
Surrogacy cost in Qaraghandy $48000 to $57000
Surrogacy cost in Aktobe$42000 to $55000
Surrogacy cost in Taraz $46000 to $55000
Surrogacy cost in Pavlodar $44000 to $50000
Surrogacy cost in Oskemen $49000 to $58000
Surrogacy cost in Semey $43000 to $52000
Surrogacy cost in Atyrau $45000 to $59000

What are the documents required for surrogacy in Kazakhstan?

A passport and marriage certificate are required for surrogacy in kazakhstan.

  • A passport is necessary to get entry into the country.
  • A marriage certificate is essential to get the surrogacy procedure in kazakhstan.

Is same-sex or single allowed to get surrogacy in kazakhstan?

In kazakhstan, surrogacy for a single person and a same-sex couple is not allowed. Only married, heterosexual couples are allowed to get surrogacy in kazakhstan. However, if you’re searching for same-sex couples surrogacy then you can choose Kenya for same-sex couples. 


In conclusion, surrogacy law in kazakhstan is relaxed, not too strict. However, only heterosexual married couple is allowed to get the treatment in kazakhstan. The law of surrogacy in kazakhstan permits the parental rights to intended couples from the period of conception. The surrogate mother doesn’t have legal parental rights to the newborn. Moreover, surrogacy in kazakhstan is reasonable and affordable. Every individual who is struggling with infertility can easily get surrogacy in kazakhstan.

FAQs about surrogacy law in Kazakhstan

What type of surrogacy is allowed in kazakhstan?

Gestational surrogacy is allowed in kazakhstan only for married heterosexual couples.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in kazakhstan?

In kazakhstan, the success rate of surrogacy may vary on various factors such as the age of the woman, the cause of infertility, modern equipment, and techniques. On average, the success rate of surrogacy is up to 70%.

Is surrogacy legal in kazakhstan?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in kazakhstan. It is legal for all heterosexual married couples in and outside of the country.

What is the average cost of surrogacy in Kazakhstan?

The average cost of surrogacy in kazakhstan ranges from $40000 to $60000. This cost can increase and decrease based on many factors including, location, additional facilities, success rate, expertise of doctors, etc.

Is commercial surrogacy allowed in kazakhstan?

No, commercial surrogacy is not allowed in kazakhstan to prevent the exploitation of surrogate mothers.

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